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About Goldman Transitions

Specializing in senior downsizing moves, Goldman Transitions is there to support and assist seniors who have chosen to modify their current home and/or living situations.

There are all kinds of transitions we make during a lifetime. A new home, new job, simply downsize, or move closer to the grandkids. We embark on a new lifestyle and need to clear out years of accumulation from the previous one. Sometimes we just need to re-assess what we have and put our current spaces to new use.

Whatever your unique situation (and everyone’s situation is unique) Goldman Transitions helps guide and support you in these often time-consuming — and sometimes difficult changes.


About Jean Goldman

Jean Goldman provides a comprehensive range of moving and organizing services to get you organized and keep you that way. She is a highly effective manager who will assist you in downsizing or de-cluttering your home, workspace, garage, or storage area — working with you to identify and clear out the clutter that keeps you from being more productive.

If you are moving, Jean helps with your move by and managing the planning, sorting, and packing and coordinating with the movers, as well as working with charities regarding donations.

Jean knows how physically and emotionally demanding senior transitions can be — for both seniors and their families — and she will help sort through years of accumulated possessions while respecting cherished keepsakes and memorabilia. Her support and guidance through these transitions will make them as stress-free as possible.

Jean brings to her work compassion, empathy, solid organizational skills, and strong management of people and timelines — all with energy and a sense of humor.

Jean Goldman

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