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Goldman Transitions Services

Goldman Transitions specializes in senior move management, offering a range of transitioning services designed to help older adults and their families, who may find the decisions involved in such moves emotionally and physically challenging. We work closely with you to coordinate a custom package of services designed specifically for you and your move.

DOWNSIZING: One of the biggest challenges when moving from the family home to a smaller house or senior community is downsizing. Deciding what to take with you, what to give away, and what to sell or donate can be daunting.

Goldman Transitions helps you sort through the years of possessions, respecting cherished keepsakes and family treasures while advising on the best ways to redistribute items you no longer need or want. Working closely with you, we offer the support, guidance and expertise that makes this essential stage of senior transitions as stress-free as possible.

PACKING AND REMOVAL: Items you are taking with you are carefully readied for the upcoming move while we make arrangements via our network of service providers for the removal of goods you’ve decided to let go of.

  • Packing: Our experienced team will carefully and efficiently wrap and pack all your possessions. Each box is labelled, color-coded and identified as to where it needs to go.
  • Sell or Consign: We will photograph any furniture or collectibles that you want to sell or consign and distribute it to consignment stores, auction houses and others as well as coordinate the pick-up or delivery of the items to the individual locations.
  • Estate Agent: For your high valued items that you want to sell we will coordinate with an estate agent to come and view the items and take them on consignment.
  • Donations: We pack and coordinate donation pick-ups for your items that you want to donate.
  • Haul Away: We arrange for any items that you do not want or need in your new home to be hauled away, including e-waste, shredding, and a range of other items.

COORDINATION WITH MOVERS: We can provide a list of qualified movers who specialize in working with seniors, and we coordinate our schedule with the movers.

UNPACKING AND ORGANIZING: We can unpack your things and take away the piles of packing materials and boxes when we’re done, which leaves you free to enjoy your new space and the next phase of your life.

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